Perpetrators who are physically violent toward their intimate partners are often sexually abusive as well. Victims who are both physically and sexually abused are more likely to be injured or killed than victims who experience one form of abuse. Abusers assault people of all genders, races, ages, social classes and ethnicities. Women who are disabled, pregnant or attempting to leave their abusers are at greatest risk for intimate partner rape


1 in 5 women will be raped in her lifetime.


1 in 2 women experienced sexual violence victimization other than rape at some point in their lives


1 in 5 men experienced sexual violence victimization other than rape at some point in their lives

Intimate partner sexual assault is more likely than stranger or acquaintance assault to cause physical injury.

Intimate partner sexual assault and rape are used to intimidate, control and demean victims/survivors of domestic violence.


Between 14% and 25% of women are sexually assaulted by intimate partners during their relationship.


Between 40% and 45% of women in abusive relationships will also be sexually assaulted during the course of the relationship


Over half of women raped by an intimate partner were sexually assaulted multiple times by the same partner

Women who are sexually abused by intimate partners report more risk factors for intimate partner homicides than non-sexually abused women.

Women who are sexually abused by intimate partners suffer severe and long-lasting physical and mental health problems, similar to those of other rape victims. They have higher rates of depression and anxiety than women who were either raped by a non-intimate partner or physically but not sexually abused by an intimate partner.

Spousal Rape


18% of female victims of spousal rape say their children witnessed the crime.


Between 10% and 14% of married women will be raped at some point during their marriages.


Only 36% of all rape victims ever report the crime to the police. The percentage of married women who report a spousal rape to the police is even lower. Marital rape is the most under reported form of sexual assault.

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is forced or coerced sexual contact without consent – the presence of a clear yes, not the absence of a no. Sexual assault is a crime motivated by a need to control, humiliate, dominate and harm. It can take the form of:



Child Sexual Abuse/Molestation

Oral sex



Forcing a person to pose for sexual pictures

Fondling or unwanted sexual touching

above and under clothing

Force which may include but is not limited to:

Use or display of a weapon

Physical battering

Immobilization of the victim


Marital rape

Marital rape as defined in the Ohio Revised Code is illegal and punishable as a felony. Under that definition, rape occurs when a defendant compels a spouse to engage in sexual intercourse against the victim’s will by “force, threat of force, or deception.  However Ohio laws that relate to sexual battery, gross sexual imposition, and sexual conduct with someone who has been administered a drug or who may be incapable of giving consent exclude married partners as offenders.  But this doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  And this doesn’t mean you won’t be believed.


COMPASS Rape Crisis and Counseling Center

COMPASS Rape Crisis and Counseling Center is available 24 hours a day to support survivors of sexual assault whether the event happened recently or some time ago, even years.  Our Staff works closely with Sojourner House Staff if you have experienced sexual assault during an abusive relationship, regardless if you stay at the domestic violence shelter or not.  There are never any fees for Rape Crisis services, nor do you need to file a report with law enforcement to access support.  Services are available to men, women, and families.

24 Hour Crisis Line
(330) 782-3936

Information from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2020

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